Sugar Buddies ~ A Short Story!

“Ever since Michael Patterson shifted to his new apartment in San Francisco, he’d been bugged incessantly by his neighbor, a black, wrinkly old woman who came knocking on his door at the oddest of hours for a spoonful of sugar! Michael, who was a reputed children’s author, had initially obliged the old lady with a […]

10 reasons why women talk more than men!

Women like organizing the chaos in their heads!           As with almost everything else, women probably feel the need to organize all that mess within their neural networks by ‘voicing’ their thoughts. One friend of mine told me that stringing sentences together was as satisfying to her as cleaning up her […]

5 lies fairy-tales taught us as kids!

1.Finding a ‘charming prince’ is essential to a ‘happy ending’ What? Really? Like that would solve my existential crisis or give me the space I so badly crave! Oh, and what if I swing the other way huh? What if I have eyes on another pretty ‘princess’? How’s that for a bummer? Nah, a charming […]

The Manicured Manager!

Devil-in-disguise ? Just how many of us have heard ourselves or others around us whine about a dreaded female manager in our respective offices or workplace at some point of time?? Probably quite a few! She’s your typical snob, with a fast-paced trot (albeit in expensive heels!) , she has one eye on her Swiss […]

WanderLust for the Indian woman!

(image courtesy: Women & the elusive wanderlust Wanderlust is broadly defined as the ‘n. ~desire or craving to travel to distant and unknown places’ in your average dictionary! However when it comes to the ‘average Indian woman’ this definition needs to be tweaked quite a bit…. Reading somewhat like this -‘n. ~a desire or […]

What’s The Hurry,Your Highness?

” Ruupam Dehi Jayam Dehi Yasho Dehi Dvisso Jahi Taarinni Durga-Samsaara-Saagarasya-Akaloya-udbhave.. Ruupam Dehi Jayam Dehi Yasho Dehi Dissho Jahi  Namas thasyai namas thasyai namas thasyai namo namah..” The madness begins: I woke up with a start,as the last few lines of the ‘chandi path’ was being chanted in Mr.Bhadra’s powerful vocals.My husband’s parents had given stiff […]