About the Blog (& me!)

Hi there! Sooo women have FINALLY landed on Mars (that famed planet dominated by men alone!) BUT we still have one foot stuck in Venus & rightfully so! This blog is mostly about the journey of women from (that desolate place called) Venus to (the fun-but-scary land of) Mars & all that lies in between!

As for me, I am one of those wasted-engineer-turned-crazy-blogger-types ladki! I LOVE to eat whatever I can lay my hands on(provided it’s yummy or made by mummy!), I breathe books (& a little hawaa too sometimes!) aaaand I’ve got a major itch for feminist issues (obvious by now?!). Cheers to being in the same duniyaa as men, getting salaries, hikes, promotions & ALSO getting judged, molested, raped in equal measures!

Welcome to my world of book-gasms, food-gasms & orgasms (not necessarily in that order)! 😉


One thought on “About the Blog (& me!)

  1. The freshness in your writing is simply mindblowing. It is something which I have – ‘admired’ is not the right word – been amazed by! And that’s why the soul of your blog carries a promise of being rich.
    I think you are well set on your path in creating your brand (with a great tagline BTW) and inspiring millions of readers around the world, as you have so effectively inspired me to write. Way to go, Oindriz!

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